Coming from Los Angeles, California by way of Leimert Park, Dom Kennedy paved away for his brand OPM since around 2008 releasing solid mixtape after mixtape. Most notable mixtape being From the Westside with Love released in 2010. Since, Dom has worked with some of  the industries finest from Hit-boy to Smoke DZA and the late Nipsey Hussle. One of Dom Kennedy’s biggest records being  My Type Of Party released in 2012 garnering the MC a national buzz. Dom Kennedy would go on to release several more projects via his own independent label titled Other People’s Money successfully. Some Projects you should check out are Get Home Safely, Los Angeles Is Not For Sale Vol.1, The Yellow Album, and his most recent being Volume Two released on all streaming platforms September 29, 2018.  With the death of Nipsey Hussle, Dom’s frequent collaborator and friend, I could only imagine this being one of Dom’s reasons we haven’t gotten a full length project, but we are wishing him well an hope we get more new music soon.


Next, Rylo Rodriuez has been on a steady rise coming out of Mobile, Alabama the last 2.5 yrs. or so. Our first time hearing from Rylo “not to be confused with Ralo from the Bluff, Atlanta Georgia” was features he made on QC the Label Lil Baby and Lil Marlo early projects. Where he showed and proved to standout among some of the labels more prominent stars. Those projects where released as early as 2017 but Rylo has music you can find on youtube dating back even earlier than this. Overall, the growth he has shown as a true MC is bar none. Rylo’s wordplay is one of the illest we have heard coming out of the deep south as he is able to come up with real life metaphors that are so easy to relate to. Rylo’s deep, rugged, vocals are easy to digest over frequent producer Al Geno productions. Recently signing with bonafide superstar Lil Baby’s 4PF Label the anticipation for Rylo to drop his first commercial project is as high as Young Jeezy during the BMF era in 2005, in comparison. For now, you can check out some of the notable singles he has released via youtube mostly all of which have ran up millions, thats right, MILLIONS of views on youtube no project!

Coming from Chicago,IL aka CHIRAQ is King Louie, we like to call him TONY! One of, if not the Drill music pioneer by way of the late Pac-Man relationship. King Louie has been a staple in the Drill music scene since the beginning along with Chief Keef, Lil Durk, and the late Fredo Santana. King Louie’s rise from Chiraq has been a steady grind releasing some dope projects and visuals and may have been one of the areas more easier to digest MC’s, which helped get him where he is to date. One of his best projects being TONY, some may debate that being between Jeep Music, Drillumanti, or Drillumanti 2. Since, King Louie has released several projects via his indie label Lawless in which, Lawless helped King Louie secure a major deal through Epic early off the strength of the momentum they had successfully built together. In present day, King Louie and his former Label are not seeing eye to eye nowadays and are taking it to court.This maybe why we have not heard a full length project from Tony. Hopefully they come to terms soon so we can get new music and the world can see the star that King Louie is.

BH aka Boss Hussle aka Hoggy Blu All Money In artist and the Late Nipsey Hussle’s right hand man is a interesting MC. His last known project Boyz N Tha Hood (that we know of) was released in 2015. Since the Death of his best friend BH has released one visual and single in 2019 titled Trap Pac. But, his counter parts/label mates J. Stone and Pac Man both released dope, solid,full length albums since the passing of Nip. Both albums are worth listening to might I add. All three artist completely embody Slauson and Crenshaw Neighborhood district! Which goes back to why BH is such a interesting MC, We want authentic rappers, we want to hear whats REAL and whats going on in LA. Sometimes it not about who is the best lyricist, but who is the person in the booth SAYING IT! BH, definitely fits the description and we naturally want to hear more of what BH has to say. But I’m not sure if BH is that interested in making music. Nevertheless, BH recently previewed new  music he was working on via his instagram and hopefully he has a release date for it.

We still like to refer to Starlito as the King Of the Ville. Coming out of Nashville, Ten. Starlito has been one of the most consistent artist on the list since around 2006 2007. Starlito has released some of his best music independently via Grind Hard his very own label since his departure from Cash Money. Some of his more recent notable releases being I’m Moving To Houston, Hot Chicken, and his Step Brothers series with frequent collaborator Don Trip. Lito by far is one of my top 5 Mc’s to date. From his street stories, lyrical ability, wordplay etc. Starlito maybe able to go in any region down south and have choir rehearsal on any given night. Since his dispute with Young Buck and turning his self in for a shooting in Tennessee, back in 2017. Starlito has released Open Cases with Mob Squad Nard,At WAR With Myself, and Trapstar with his artist Trapperman Dale. All projects are DOPE and you should check them out across all streaming platforms. Starlito these days seems more focus on his brand and label Grind Hard and entreprenuership. Often what he preaches through his music. He is also spreading his light on his artist, Trapperman Dale. See Dale Chapo on all streaming sites also, availabe here on Lito has often hinted at retiring by default an not wanting to deal with the industry politics. Lets just hope he hasn’t hung his hat just yet.

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