Critical Praise:
“[He] has a flow so rollicking and raw that I wouldn’t be surprised if he spent some time in the trenches with the lineman.” – Pitchfork
The Song:
Stirring the pot with his hustle-hard rhymes, BossMan Dlow is orchestrating a quick rise to the top of the game. Following up his hit song “Get In With Me,” which rose to #59 during its second week on the Billboard Hot 100, the Port Salerno, Florida emcee keeps his motion going with “Mr. Pot Scraper,” his new video single. Maneuvering between a jittering piano line and creeping bass, the rising star uses his inimitable southern drawl to explain how he makes the “trap do somersaults,” and contrast himself with thsoe who lack his special sauce: “I’m Mr. Ride Foreign, I’m Mr. Ain’t Goin’/He’s Mr. Pump Faker, I’m Mr. Pot Scraper.” Dlow initially shared “Mr. Pot Scraper” as a From The Block freestyle, which reached #4 on YouTube’s Trending Music chart.

“Mr. Pot Scraper” arrives amidst BossMan Dlow’s lightning quick rise to the rap elite. After building strong local fanbase in South Florida, Dlow broke through with “Get In With Me,” the first viral rap smash of 2024. Released in mid-January, the song started life as a freestyle on Jacksonville, Florida freestyle series “Kreepin Through The Streetz.” When Dlow posted a snippet from the freestyle on his Instagram feed, the post immediately went viral, generating over 8 million viewsand drawing comments from the likes of DaBaby and Luh Tyler, and many others. The song built grassroots momentum upon its official release, generating over 51k creates on TikTok, getting posted on social media by fans like Lil Baby and Solange, and trending on YouTube with a still image video. That grassroots bubble quickly exploded, and “Get In With Me” grew from an internet hit to an IRL problem–it currently ranks #11 on Apple Music’s All-Genre Chart, after peaking at #1over the weekend, and at #8 on Shazam’s U.S. Top 200. Over the weekend, players from the Kansas City Chiefs turned up to the song in the locker room after winning their second straight Super Bowl. Last week, Dlow released the video, which racked up over 1.7 million views in its first week over release. Last week, the song generated over 23 million streams over the past week, and is generating tens of thousands of TikTok creations per day.

Born and raised in Port Salerno, a city on Florida’s Atlantic coast north of West Palm Beach, Bossman Dlow emerged in late 2023 as one of the burgeoning Florida street scene’s most exciting voices. Before “Get In With Me,” the 25-year-old rapper built a loyal following with songs like “The Biggest” ft. YTB Fatt (3.9 million YT views), “Phil Jackson” (1.6 million YT views), and “Rotation” (1.9 million views). Those three anthems and more appear on 2 Slippery, Dlow’s first release for Alamo Records, which dropped in December. Featuring additional features from fellow Floridians Loe Shimmy and Woodboy Gee, the tape racked up over 2 million streams on Apple Music in its first week, reaching #17 on the platform’s Hip-Hop Albums chart and #47 on the All-Genre Albums chart. The rising star has been generating over 19 million streams per week across his catalog.

With a national hit on his hands and the world in his sights, Bossman Dlow is ready for stardom. Stay tuned for much more.

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