The Red Hot Rapper Travels From the South Bronx to South Beach in His New Music Video

The Video:
Taking over the Five Boroughs with his relentless drill sound, DThang has been on a tear all 2024. Sending a message and saluting a NYC OG, the Bronx rapper shares “Many Opps,” his new video single. The energetic new single finds DThang paying tribute to 50 Cent, as he details his own plan to get rich or die trying. In the video, DThang and his crew travel to warmer climates, taking over South Beach with their souped-up foreign cars and endless supply of tequila.

“Many Opps” continues DThang’s successful start to 2024. After the rapper’s exoneration earlier this year, he has made the most of his first months out. DThang didn’t wait to leave jail before dropping new music though – he shared the invigorating freestyle “Hard Day’s Night / Last Day In” just before his release. The heartfelt music video for “Last Day In” racked up over 4.2 million views in three weeks. Upon his release ,DThang was greeted by his mentor French Montana, who gifted him a fresh piece of jewelry and took him shopping for the latest fits. On Valentine’s Day, DThang delivered a fresh ode to all of his smoochies, with “Smoochie Valentine,” inspired by Nelly and featuring a cameo by the legendary rapper in the video, which reached the Top 20 on YouTube’s Trending Chart for Music with over 1.7 million views. Most recently, DThang shared “Drill Cappers,” a ferocious missive aimed at fake drillers and clout-chasters.

DThang emerged in 2021, leading a Bronx drill wave that took his city by storm. He tore up the streets with songs like “Gz Bop,” “LIKE” and “Play It Back,” generating tens of millions of views on his raw and authentic music videos. Alongside peers like Kay Flock, Sha Gz, and Bando, DThang was set to define the sound of Bronx drill for years to come.

Now fully exonerated and back in the drill game for good, DThang is ready to turn heads in and out of the Five Boroughs with his hard-nosed rhymes. Keep your eyes peeled for a new project, coming soon.

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