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Known as a self-proclaimed “wild child,” Memphis rapper Quezz Ruthless has never been one to hold back. Hot off the release of his new mixtape, Y.N.S., the young rapper shares the video for “N**** Show Us,” a project highlight. Quezz’s tumbling flow is on full display on the track, daring his opps to try him and laying out the consequences if they do: “Walk in the spot b*tches losin’ their top cuz they already know I’m the man like he Trojan / Double R gang, n****s know we the ones and they hate on the gang ‘cuz they know that we chosen.” In the video, Quezz and his crew post up outside a convenience store in Decatur, GA, counting their cash and proving they’re not to be messed with.

“N**** Show Us” is a highlight track from Quezz Ruthless’ recent mixtape, Y.N.S. Spanning 11 tracks, the tape is defined by Quezz’s tumbling flow, which slices through Tennessee trap percussion with reckless abandon. The Grim Reaper Gang rapper’s bars reflect his “Ruthless” artist name, showing no remorse for anyone who might cause an obstacle to his inevitable rise. Short for Yung N**** Sh*t, the tape was created in honor of Quezz Ruthless’s brother and biggest inspiration: the late Big Scarr. Y.N.S. hosts “Big Scarr Flow Part 2,” in which Quezz channels the style of his older brother to get off some of his toughest bars to date: “How you a ape but you scared of Gorillas/I walk around with your stash in my denims/B*tch, I’m the big dog, I’m king of the kennel,” he spits. The tape’s final track, “Ain’t Stoppin’,” produced by GRAMMY-nominated production duo The Trillionaires, features a posthumous verse from Scarr himself, as Quezz resolves to never stop paying tribute to his brother’s memory.

Quezz Ruthless is one of the most exciting young rappers in the bustling Memphis rap scene. He first gained notoriety with his guest spot on Big Scarr’s “MJ,” which has over 85 million global streams. Quezz built a cult following in Memphis with his 2023 mixtape, Wild Child, which has over 10 million streams. The rapper’s catalog generates over 200k on-demand streams per week across platforms.

With Y.N.S. out now and much further to rise, Quezz Ruthless looks to honor his brother’s memory by going as hard as he can. Stay tuned for much more.

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Y.N.S. tracklist:
N**** Show Us
Big Scarr Flow Part 2
Smiling ft. BlocBoy JB
Russian Drac
F*** Everybody
War Time
Bait Em In
Ain’t Stoppin ft. Big Scarr

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“N**** Show Us”:


“Ain’t Stoppin” ft. Big Scarr:


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