1. A3 (Feat. MikexAngel) [Prod. By Nizzy, Farsi & Deats] Trey Songz 4:29
  2. Mind F*ckin' (Feat. MikexAngel) [Prod. By Realskmusic & Anthony "Snoog" Wright] Trey Songz 3:25
  3. I Got The Time [Prod. By Nizzy & Farsi] Trey Songz 4:06
  4. Gonna Be (Feat. MikexAngel) [Prod. By Mogul] Trey Songz 3:18
  5. Find My Love (Feat. Justine Darcenne & MikexAngel) [Prod. By Squat Beats] Trey Songz 3:38
  6. Make It All (Feat. MikexAngel) [Prod. By Mogul] Trey Songz 2:33
  7. Vibrator (Feat. Chisanity & Justine Darcenne) [Prod. By Realskmusic] Trey Songz 3:50
  8. 93 Unleaded (Feat. Dave East) [Prod. By Rex Kudo] Trey Songz 4:40
  9. If It Ain't Love (Feat. MikexAngel) [Prod. By Realskmusic] Trey Songz 4:02
  10. Sho Nuff [Prod. By Sean Momberger, Lee Major & LVM of Nasty Beat Makers] Trey Songz 2:53
  11. Anxious (Bonus) MikexAngel 3:30
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